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Best Holiday Gifts for Medical Professionals

Holiday shopping time has arrived, and you are putting together your list of friends and family, trying to find the perfect gift for each of them. If your gift list includes medical professionals, these 10 gift ideas are guaranteed to put a smile on their face when they unwrap your gift.

Better: A Surgeon’s Notes on Performance

The follow-up to Atul Gawande’s first book “Complications,” examines how healthcare professionals manage patient care as well as how care is handled by the industry and patients. The book is filled with humor but provides healthcare professionals with pragmatic advice. Dr. Gawande is not afraid to point out flaws in medical care and this book is recommended for veteran healthcare providers as well as students.

CharmSStory Nurse Nursing RN Registered Caduceus Charms Heart Photo Beads (Dangle 2)

The Caduceus is a winged staff with two snakes wrapped around the staff. It is also known as the Rod of Hermes who was a messenger in Greek mythology. In the seventh century, the Caduceus was linked to medicine based on Hermatic principles of the time that used the planets and constellations to heal the sick. Today, the Caduceus is used in jewelry and designs to represent the healthcare industry. There are many versions of Caduceus charms available, from those designed to be worn on charm bracelets to pendants for necklaces. It is also possible to find the symbol on beads designed for Pandora or Troll bracelets. A Caduceus charm would make the perfect gift for all medical professionals on your list.

Sacred Space : Stories from a Life in Medicine

Dr. Clif Cleaveland’s book, “Sacred Space: Stories from a Life in Medicine,” reminds today’s busy healthcare practitioners that listening to the patient is the most critical part of medical care. In this book, he tells some of the stories he heard from patients and what those stories taught him. It is moving and thoughtful, providing insight into the doctor-patient relationship.

StethoClip (black)

The StethoClip is designed to prevent misplacement of a stethoscope and alleviates discomfort in the neck from carrying a stethoscope. The clip is made from leather, high-quality metal and Velcro fasteners. The medical professional on your list will love the quick scope access, portability and comfort. The StethoClip is designed for many different types of stethoscopes as well as is beneficial for doctors, nurses, veterinarians and paramedics. The StethoClip can be attached at the hip, to a belt, or the waistband of pants, including scrubs.

Prestige Medical Nurse’s Car-GO Bag, Black

Nurses never know when they may be called into duty and this medical car bag provides them with the supplies they may need if they encounter an emergency. The kit includes a travel mug holder and cell phone pouch for convenience. It also includes inner compartments to hold equipment and personal items. Nurses can tuck scissors, medical tape measures, percussion hammers and penlights, all of which can be helpful in a roadside emergency.

CASEMATIX Airtight Sealing Medical Supplies Stethoscope Case – Fits Stethoscopes for Nurses Doctors , Led Otoscope , Percussion Hammer , Thermometer and More Medical Tools

The Casematix stethoscope case is an airtight carrying case that keeps medical supplies dry and dust-free. The case is designed to carry stethoscopes, percussion hammers, otoscopes, thermometers and more. It is perfect for medical professionals who have to travel between offices or performs home visits. The case is hard plastic and the interior is lined with foam to help absorb impacts. It is very helpful for travel in airplanes, trains or even by car as it shuts firmly and keeps the items inside safe during transit.

Set of 3 Nurse Watch Brooch, Silicone with Pin/Clip, Glow in Dark, Infection Control Design, Health Care Nurse Doctor Paramedic Medical Brooch Fob Watch – Blue Rose Purple

The brightly colored medical brooch fob watch is a set of three clip on fob watches that attach easily to a stethoscope. The set includes three bright colors all with a glow pointer that make them very easy to read in the dark for medical professionals  . The fob watches are perfect for night shifts. Each watch has a silicon rubber housing and is water-resistant. The dial can be separated from the housing for easy sterilization, helping to prevent infection.

EMI Responder Holster Set Kit Includes Responder Holster, Kelly Straight Forceps, Medical Shears, Disposable Penlight, Lister Bandage Scissors, Adult Adjustable Tourniquet and Knife

If you have a first responder on your medical professionals gift list, the EMI Responder Holster Set Kit is an excellent choice. The kit attaches to belts up to two-inches wide and it is sewn with heavy nylon thread for durability. The kit contains Kelly Straight Forceps and Medical Shears both made by Elite Medical Equipment. However, the holster holds many more instruments, making it easy for first responders to grab the tools they need when they are on a scene. The kit is available in a combo pack that includes shears, bandage scissors, forceps, penlight and hemostat. The holster also conforms to a lightweight configuration so it is comfortable to wear.

10 Piece Stainless Steel Training Suture Tool Kit / Set With Scalpel Handle and 5 10 Blades, For Medical, Veterinarian, Biology and Dissection Lab Students

Vertical Think has a stainless steel training suture tool kit that the medical student on your list will love. Whether you have an aspiring doctor, nurse, veterinarian or other medical professional on your list, they will need the right tools to practice suturing. This set includes a Needle driver, Mosquito forcep, Iris scissors, Adson toothed forceps, scalpel handle, scalpel blades and a leather case. All tools are stainless steel and come with a 100 percent money back guarantee. The set is not designed for clinical use but is for training purposes only.

The Night Shift: Real Life in the Heart of the E.R.

Dr. Brian Goldman shares his experiences at Mount Sanai Hospital in Toronto working in the Emergency Room. Dr. Goldman shares funny, unique stories about some of the patients who appear in the E.R. late at night as well as stories that are emotional and heartbreaking. It is a stark look at healthcare today but told in a way that is funny, often uplifting and always eye-opening. Dr. Goldman brings his three decades of medical experience to the reader, revealing what actually happens late at night in America’s emergency rooms.

Although there are many more options available as gifts for the medical professionals on your list, these ten items are sure to please any medical student, nurse, doctor, veterinarian or first responder you are buying for during the holiday season.




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