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Content Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid for 2018

According to Content Marketing Institute research, 65% of companies utilizing content marketing experienced a boost in ROI, as compared with one year ago.


This is good news for content marketers — as it’s a sign that content marketing still is as effective as it always has been. But, a good amount of folks who use content marketing aren’t getting results because they make one mistake or another. As we enter 2018, if you have a desire to achieve results from your efforts at content marketing, you should avoid these mistakes.


Not Documenting your Content Strategy

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As it’ll come to mistakes in content marketing, it is easy to concentrate on tactics, yet the main mistake in content marketing is not having a written strategy.


According to a Content Marketing Institute study, not having a strategy for content marketing is the death knell for the majority of folk’s effort in content marketing. As a matter of fact, this study discovered that 60% of companies that have a documented plan will achieve results. As the plan is not documented and just verbal, the percentage of companies which achieve results dips to 32%. As there isn’t any strategy whatsoever, only 7% of companies achieve results from their efforts at content marketing.


Here’s the good news: it’s not too late to begin to prepare your 2018 strategy for content marketing. Most importantly, be certain that you document the strategy in such a way that every action taken is properly highlighted and clear.


Ignoring Distribution of Press Releases


One big mistake in content marketing that the majority of businesses make is only focusing on tactics rather than a holistic plan. Smart companies utilize content marketing to build a brand. Then, they utilize their brand to amplify their efforts at content marketing — and amongst the most efficient methods of amplifying brand value is by the use of press releases.


In the instance that you do not yet recognize how important concentrating on your brand is, read these interesting stats:


  • Brands perceived as strong produce greater earnings before interest, as well as tax (EBIT) margin than the ones that aren’t.
  • Seventy-five percent of consumers desire branded content which assists them in researching business ideas.
  • Steadily presenting a brand increases revenue by as high as 23%.
  • The brand a piece of content comes from is critical, according to 89% of readers.
  • You must make an average of around 7 brand impressions before individuals are able to remember you.

With an excellent solution for press release distribution, the same content piece might be distributed to more than 12 authoritative publications, and create various brand impressions — that’s great for both brand visibility, as well as boosting perceived brand value. Kaboom Social Media offers press release distribution to for only $5! Find out more by filling out our easy online form here.


Not Integrating Search Engine Optimization into Content Marketing


Any strategy for content marketing which does not integrate search engine optimization (SEO) is not complete. These facts discuss why:


  • The leading two activities online are email and search — in other words, as popular as social media is, the majority of folks begin with search.
  • Ninety-three percent of all traffic online derives from a search engine such as Google.
  • Such search engines drive 300% more visitors to websites than social media.
  • You are likely to close 14.6% of leads from search, as compared with 1.7 percent from outbound leads such as ads and prints.


Essentially, if your strategy for content marketing does not integrate SEO, you are missing out on an enormous portion of sales, conversions, and traffic.  Below are some tips for SEO which will work for 2018 content marketing:


  • Double down on your strategy for content— content still is vital to good search engine optimization, and according to Andrey Lipattsev, Google Search Quality Senior Strategist, the two most critical signals Google utilizes to rank sites are link building and quality content.


  • Write longer content. Search engine optimization studies from Blacklinko proves that longer content ranks much better, with average results on the search engine Google’s page one being around 1,890 words.


  • Try using media — particularly images — within the content to boost its odds of ranking well. Also, the same studies from Backlinko prove that using one image within the content significantly can boost its opportunities of ranking well.


  • Routinely monitor keywords — both for your key pages and content. When you track your rankings, if you cannot automate this process, make certain that you know that your location, or the truth that you are signed in, might influence the outcome.


  • Consider masking the IP using a VPN service (one popular option includes PureVPN) to receive unbiased results. Even better, use options which automatically observe your ranks, as well as send you consistent reports.


Content is king with SEO. Using the proper keywords for your niche is critical to being picked up organically by your target audience. Kaboom Social Media offers a variety of content creation services, including: website content copywriting; product description writing; press release writing; and product review writing. Check out our rates on those offerings here.


Not Having a Strategy for Email Marketing


If you have a desire to know if your efforts at content marketing is paying off, your content and email strategy has to be in sync. If you do not perform email marketing, you will just receive lackluster results from your efforts at content marketing. This clearly is shown through research:


  • For each $1 spent on email marketing, it’s possible to expect a return on investment of $38 — that makes email the most efficient channel for inbound marketing.


  • Email outperforms social media and search alike, combined, as it’ll come to conversion — based upon studies that assessed more than 500 million shopping experiences.


With these facts established, it is time that you revisit your email marketing approach — if your strategy for content marketing does not have an in-depth plan for email marketing, it is time that you rework it.


Ignoring Marketing Rule of Seven


There are many lessons from age-old direct marketing we might use in modern-day web-based content marketing. One of these types of lessons is the “rule of seven.” You should not expect folks to note your offer unless they’ve seen it a minimum of seven separate times, according to the rule of seven.


That means you must employ various ways to make sure that critical messages are viewed by prospective clients more than one time:


  • Employ various channels and ensure that your message is communicated utilizing all those channels.
  • Re-share messages on the exact same channel more than one time — studies show that re-sharing content upon social media may boost engagement to content by 686%.
  • Make sure your strategy for content marketing involves a plan for content distribution — that means you must repackage content from a single format to others then distribute that repackaged content via a variety of channels and mediums.
  • Search for platforms and sites which permit content syndication, as well as work on a way to get them to syndicate the best content.


Kaboom Social Media offers 3 social media management packages. Check them out here.


Not Integrating your Efforts at Content Marketing with Your Process of Conversion/Sales


For all smart businesses, content marketing ought to be a means to an end. That is, a means to gain more attention and expose visitors to your offerings and products. Unfortunately, the majority of businesses run their content marketing efforts inside a vacuum. For instance, while their blog has a lot of quality traffic and good content, it does not direct readership to their offerings. There isn’t any clear call-to-action which attempts to get traffic to check their products out. The issue with that approach is that there’s a popular blog that has a lot of visitors yet little return on investment since visitors are not being sent anywhere. That applies not only to blogs yet to additional content channels.


As a company, the end goal is to make a sale. Each puzzle piece in your effort at content marketing must coordinate toward that goal. There must be clear call-to-actions and links all throughout the blog aimed at getting folks to look at your offerings and products.


In Summary


As we enter 2018 the importance of marketing content only will become clearer, but, you only will receive results if you have a basic understanding of what you’re doing. If you have a desire to achieve results from your efforts at content marketing, make certain that you avoid the aforementioned mistakes.


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