Santamecical Professional Clinical RY210 Large LCD

No matter how much care you take in raising your kids they are bound to come down with a fever a few times. Taking the temperature of the kids during such times is often seen as a harrowing experience that most parents dread. The Santamecical non-contact infrared thermometer provides a simple and accurate way to gauge the temperature of your loved one. The temperature can be taken from areas such as the forehead and tear ducts.

The body temperature reading is obtained with complete accuracy in less than one second. The intuitive guidance system helps to secure positioning and confirms accurate readings. The bright LCD screen makes it easy to view the reading even in complete darkness.

The adjustable alarm alerts parents if the temperature is too high. As there is no contamination risk the thermometer can be used immediately to scan the temperature of other family members. You don’t have to worry about changing the tip or disinfecting before use.

The non-contact thermometer has been specifically designed for forehead temperature detection from a distance (5-15cm). Most of the infra-red thermometers only measure surface temperature.

The Santamecical non-contact infrared thermometer has been clinically calibrated and this enables it to convert the forehead temperature reading into internal body temperature. This is one of the most vital signs of a fever or other ailments affecting you or your loved one. The thermometer is really beneficial if your kid is sleeping and you don’t want to disturb them when taking the temperature.


  • The device has an intuitive guidance system.
  • The non-contact thermometer uses the latest infrared technology for quick reading.
  • The device has body, room and surface temperature reading modes.
  • A large bright light LCD display makes it easier to read the temperature.
  • The thermometer provides Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature readings.
  • Adjustable audio alarm for high temperature.
  • Memory of last 32 temperature recordings.
  • The automatic power off helps save energy.
  • Low energy consumption. 2 AA batteries provide 100,000 readings.

Things to Consider When Buying a Non-Contact Thermometer

Ease of Use

When your baby has a fever, he/she is resistant to taking temperature. It is best to use a non-contact thermometer in such situations.

Fever Alert

The non-contact thermometer that you buy needs to indicate if the temperature is normal, slightly high or really high. Different colored LED lights are used to differentiate between the different temperatures. Even though it is not necessary to have a fever alert feature, it is nice to know if your child is having a normal temperature.

Backlit Display

Choose a thermometer that has a large backlit display. The large display is one of the things that parents appreciate when the baby is crying inconsolably or when they are restless. Fiddling with the thermometer when the baby is crying adds to the stress of the parents.


One of the biggest benefits of using a digital thermometer is that it keeps a record of the temperature and this can be used by the doctor to track the child’s progress and monitor how the child is responding to treatment.

Auto Shutoff

The auto shutoff feature saves battery life even if you forget to manually turn off the device.

Reading Complete Beep

This feature is really important as the thermometer alerts you after the reading is complete. This is really convenient as it takes away the guesswork about when you need to look at the display when the reading is complete.

Before you choose a non-contact infrared thermometer, it is advisable to read about the different features, so that you can make an informed choice.

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