Kaboom Social Media Prefers Secure Payments Via PayPal

PayPal Acceptance Mark

Official PayPal Seal

We at Kaboom Social Media value our clients and security is never taken for granted. That’s why we choose PayPal for our financial transactions. It’s convenient, fast, reliable and secure.


PayPal allows you to pay using a variety of payment methods including instant transfer from a bank account, and credit or debit card transactions. If there’s ever a dispute, PayPal has buyer dispute resolution services at your fingertips or with a phone call. Click the image above for more detailed information.

While PayPal is preferred, money order or cashier’s checks can be accepted from clients with an established relationship with us.

All invoices will be sent via email. To pay invoices through PayPal simply click on the link include within the emailed invoice. Advertise your business here. Find out how: https://www.adsella.com/item.php?id=56

Other forms of payment besides Paypal

Below I have listed other forms of payment besides Paypal. Please choose the one that is most convenient for you and let me know.

  1. Bank of America: need recipient’s (Client) email address to request money.
  1. Chase Bank: need recipient’s (client) email address to request money
  1. Venmo – need client email address to charge (similar to Paypal): Sign up is easy and free (https://venmo.com/w/signup)