Kids and teens are difficult to buy holiday gifts for. Sometimes I just buy my kids gift cards and call it a day, and sometimes I just take them to the store and let them pick out what they want. But that seems to take all the fun out of Christmas. So this year, I simply asked my kids and teenagers what’s hot—what everybody seems to want. My youngest daughter said “slime,” but after dealing with that all year, I’ve discovered it can get quite messy. So, here we are, a list of the top 5 holiday gifts to get your kids or teenagers (because this is what they’re asking for):

Hatchimals Glittering Garden – Hatching Egg and Interactive Sparkly Penguala by Spin Master


Every Christmas season there tends to be a new “in” toy that makes perfect holiday gifts. Parents understand this all too well — that must-have-or-else-I-will-be-miserable toy their children set their eyes on within the holiday season. However, unfortunately, as is typically the case, most other children have the same feelings; therefore, as a result, the “in” toy becomes difficult to find. For this Christmas season Hatchimals have been rapidly shaping up to be the top toy craze. Therefore, why are these holiday gifts so popular with children? If you have not heard about Hatchimals, I am certain it is just a matter of time.


They’re toys that have creatures that self-hatch inside a toy egg. It is always subjective to point out what precisely causes specific toys to lead this type of a craze. Maybe in this case it is the toy’s interactive element? (Users must rub and tap the egg to get it to hatch.) Or perhaps it is the suspense of its self-hatching feature — or the creature’s capability of learning to talk and walk after hatching? Whatever the reason, your youngster is surely going to love it!

NABI Matte Lip gloss Set of 6 Randomly Chosen Lip colors Kylie Jenner Shades Nudes Darks Reds



Kylie frenzy, in New York, shut down one Soho city block. Via her massive celebrity status, it is difficult to remember that she is only a teen—and her path has as many insecurities as any additional coming-of-age story.


She’s the youngest of an empire that stumbled onto fame, harnessed it, and, led by Kris Jenner, turned it into gold. The hit show Keeping Up w/ the Kardashians brought in 1.3 million viewers within its first season, and they seamlessly segued from reality/famous to famous/famous by cashing in upon their influencer status at the right time.


Within the past couple of years, YouTube and Instagram (and later, Snapchat) changed the social game: “The Influencer” now was king. Gamers, make-up artists, as well as relative unknowns started creeping into household name status. They began to quit their day jobs, making a living for doing mentions for Pokemon, protein powder, and lipsticks.


Kylie Jenner is at the top of that influencer spectrum.


Each time she puts out a fresh lip color, or shares a life moment on Snapchat, the Web explodes. She’s emulated and envied by millions. Kylie now is Snapchat’s most followed celeb and definition of a “personal brand”.


It was not always this way. When Jenner was younger, she remembers being teased. As with any additional girl hitting puberty, she did not like some of her body parts, particularly her lips, and discovered that make-up assisted her in feeling more confident. At the age of 15, she became “obsessed” with it.


And little did she know, that childhood insecurity would soon inspire a choice that would change her life forever. Teens love her story and buy her make up like it’s going out of style. Anything Kylie Jenner is going to be appreciated this Christmas.

Apple iPhone X, Fully Unlocked 5.8″, 64 GB – Silver



Pros: An excellent combination of handheld comfort and a gorgeous, big OLED screen. In low light, its rear telephoto camera outshoots its 8 Plus, and front camera snaps amazing portrait selfies. Generally, its Face ID works fine.


Cons: Its new interface and no home button mean big adjustments, and main features like its Control Center are more difficult to use and reach. It will take time for the majority of applications to be optimized for the notched screen. The phone is extremely expensive, and all-glass design means an insurance plan and case are must-haves.


Summary: The iPhone X is a winning and overdue iPhone evolution; however, you will have to leave your comfort zone to make a hop into its face-recognizing future.

Super Mario Odyssey – Nintendo Switch


Nintendo makes great holiday gifts and always has been the best within the business at developing creative open world and sandbox playgrounds. Putting its moustached-mascot at the forefront of its best titles, each fresh entry carries with it the highest of expectations. Therefore, how does one compete against oneself? If you are Nintendo, you craft a love letter to all things that have come before, and that is precisely what it has accomplished with Super Mario Odyssey, possibly the greatest within this series to date and real successor to Galaxy.




  • Exceptional soundtrack
  • Appears stunning
  • Hundreds of Power Moons to gather
  • So many nods to the history of the series
  • Best Mario that has ever been




  • Some of the moves by Cappy require motion controls

PopSockets: Expanding Stand and Grip for Smartphones and Tablets – Celebration




Durability and flexibility are the keys to Popsockets’ design, which makes them perfect holiday gifts. Its accordion turns a complete 360° and has various telescopic levels that adjust the screen’s tilt. The platform’s sticky backing can be reused; it’s possible to reposition and remove the Popsocket as often as wanted without having to lose adhesion. That is all the Popsocket does, yet there is versatility in the design’s simplicity.


Its first telescopic level pulls its button away from the phone enough to slip your fingers inside for an improved grip on the iPhone. In the past, I have noticed that scrolling too much on the screen hurts my thumbs after a while. Popsocket allows me to hold my iPhone from behind similar to a book rather than having to grip the width of my screen. The change in grip made scrolling more comfortable. Gripping the phone and hitting my capture button as I take a selfie also is easier with a Popsocket.





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