It’s 2018. Aren’t you about tired of getting up day by day traveling that 10+ mile commute in back to back, stressful traffic, wasting all your gas? Tired of working long hours and not being appreciated or always watching the guy who kissed the manager’s butt always being promoted ahead of you, the introvert who doesn’t want to get involved? Stop making somebody else’s business profitable and for 2018, think about starting to put all that effort back into your own pocket. Start working your own hours and finally having more time to focus on things that are more important, like your kids, or date night with your spouse.


Although, I’m not going to lie to you. Starting up and successfully expanding a business is without exception, a challenging endeavor.


The majority of seasoned entrepreneurs will let you know that building a business from scratch is hands down amongst the most trying, but rewarding, experiences of their lives.


Starting an organization takes so much more than simply a good idea. You have to have a winning mixture of determination, great opportunities, time, passion, and for the majority of businesses, a little funding to get the idea off of the ground.


In this post, we are concentrating on 12 low-cost ideas for businesses you may get started on (and begin to see results) this weekend.


Begin a Niche Website


Choosing a hyper-specific subject with proven search volume (it’s possible to check Google month-to-pay average search volume for certain words using their Keyword Planner Tool), is going to provide you the chance to be an authority within a fairly small space if you’re able to develop a ton of value for your existing audience.


If you begin to generate highly valuable videos, blog content, images, or additional interactive content pieces around a subject such as camping with babies, and slowly can build your regular base audience, this authority placement is going to afford you different opportunities for monetization. From ad revenue to affiliate sales, sponsored content, as well as paid partnerships with reputable brands, it’s possible to begin to generate revenue as soon as there’s a consistent traffic flow coming to your website.


Here is how to start a website (rapidly) using WordPress. Check out this book on how to start a niche website: NICHE SITE RICHES: How to make an extra $300-$500 per month selling affiliate products in small to medium niches with less than 4 hours of work per website


Launch a Course Online


Are you an expert inside a certain domain? If the answer is yes, there is undoubtedly an audience of individuals who would be willing to pay for an accelerated learning experience that will get them up to your expertise level.


Ryan Robinson recently launched this first online course about how to win freelance clientele, and it has been very successful because he has an enormous amount of expertise in starting and successfully growing freelance businesses. Maybe your set of skills is significantly different. You might be a marketer, writer, designer, or perhaps a technician, nurse, or retailor. Whatever your expertise is in, there is a method of teaching other people how to be more successful, earn more money, get started faster, or advance within their career field in your niche.


As you have selected your subject, easy-to-use course platforms online such as Udemy and Teachable may get your business course off the ground within a matter of hours. Check out this book on how to start a niche website: How to Launch a High-Value Online Course: The Step-by-Step Guide


Sell Digital Downloads


Writing and selling digital downloads such as detailed guides, eBooks, case studies, and templates, are excellent methods of generating passive online income.


As you write a piece of helpful content that will assist an audience online in accomplishing something in their businesses or lives, it is simply a matter of getting the digital goods in front of that audience. You will want a basic site placed up in order for you to have a place to bring in traffic with associated blog content and additional helpful details on what your digital download will help them achieve.


I have been writing and selling eBooks for many years. It takes me just a few days to research and create a valuable eBook that is a few thousand words long. From that point, I will identify websites, forums, and social media platforms in which my targeted audience spends time on the internet and begin to promote my digital download there. Check out this book on how to sell digital downloads: How to Sell & Download Digital Products.


Begin a Podcast


Podcasts have increasingly become more profitable as a sustainable income source. If you make a podcast on a certain subject, like launching startups such as achieves very well, and interview well-known industry figures, you quickly will amass a high amount of base listeners if you study how to market it well.


As you have increased your listenership to a good level (at least 1000 listeners/ episode), it’s possible to begin to bring on a few premium sponsorships.


It isn’t uncommon to charge $2,000 or more/ month to established sponsors to get their service or product message in front of your audience.


Become a Coach Online


Again, if you have skill set that is marketable that you are passionate about, it’s possible to provide your coaching services in a face-to-face style setting.


Tools such as and provide you the chance to rapidly jump on and provide coaching sessions online at your pre-determined hourly rate. Furthermore, these communities already are going to have a built-in base of users that people seeking life coaching, career guidance, land actionable learnings about how to clear their obstacles. Check out this book on how to become an online coach: The Online Coaching Business BLUEPRINT: How to Start and Grow a Widely Profitable Online Coaching Business; Uncover Your Niche, Attract High-End Clients & Build Your Dream Business! (Vol. 2).




Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon Clearance Arbitrage, or FBA, is a practice of scouting out goods presently selling on Amazon and tracking down the items at a lower price from shops in your area.


It is easy to pull off, and SideHustleNation’s Nick Loper has had a good amount of success with FBA over the past year. I would strongly suggest checking his detailed breakdown out of how he routinely does this. There even is a scanning application for smartphones that will allow you to immediately detect the opportunities for clearance arbitrage while you are going through stores in your area.


Remote English Tutor


Teaching a language like English as a second language may be an extremely profitable side business, and it’ll take nothing to get you up and running, apart from accessibility to a computer that has video chat capabilities (such as Skype).


If you are a native speaker of English, there are endless individuals in foreign countries willing to pay $25/ hour and up for you to teach them through video chat channels such as FaceTime or Skype. Indeed constantly has job postings available, which requests remote English tutors and teachers.


Begin to Freelance in Your Industry


In today’s digital world, virtually every job may be performed on a freelance basis. Even better is that it’s possible to start a freelance business as you keep your day job.


From editing to writing, developing, graphic designing, video production, marketing, business consulting, and much more, there are a ton of fantastic sites which consistently have highly paid freelancing gigs. Begin with browsing industry-specific forums then contract job-posting boards, as they’ll always have more engagement, yet websites such as LinkedIn’s ProFinder, Upwork, as well as are also fabulous starting points for bringing in your first customers.


Start up a Photography Business


It is fairly inexpensive ($60 to $150) to rent even a nice DSLR camera from a camera shop in your area for a weekend. If you take time to learn and practice methods from professional photographers on the internet, you ought to have the ability to pick up the basics pretty quickly. From that point, it’s possible to get into portrait photography, highly profitable wedding photography, and perhaps specialize within something as niche as newborn photography, all with excellent potential for scalability if you reside in a populated locality.


Once you have learned how you can navigate the camera (or a smartphone camera), it’s possible to easily begin to monetize your talents. From doing private and commercial client shoots to selling prints, building a large following up on social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, teaching internet photography courses, conducting in-person workshops, as well as selling your advice, the possibilities are endless.


You even can start a lucrative blog, and share your talents with other people on the internet. Let us say that you have a talent for capturing amazing star trail photos in the evening. Thousands of folks are looking every month on Google, having a desire to learn how they can take star trail photographs, and offering your video tutorials, blog content, and a course online they might upgrade to buy is an excellent method of generating income online with this skill. Check out this book on how to launch a photography business: How To Build A Photography Business (Special Edition): The Only Book You Need To Launch, Grow & Succeed.


Refurbish Pre-Owned Electronics and Resell on the Internet


All of us have seen the ads offering to buy our damaged or old phones at low prices. Such opportunistic business-minded people are placing their technical skills to use and repairing these electronics, and then reselling them online or in-person.


There is an enormous marketplace for pricey gadgets such as iPhones in most foreign countries, and consumers within those countries who aren’t able to directly purchase from Apple, turn to Amazon, eBay, and additional retail destinations online in which they pay above-retail costs to obtain the tech goods they desire. If it’s possible to begin to buy up and fix damaged iPhones in your area, you might net a good profit by later flipping them on the internet.


Be a Tour Guide


Do you reside in a location that has frequent travelers?


If you enjoy meeting new visitors from around the world and possess detailed knowledge of the region you reside in, starting your very own local tour business might be an outstanding opportunity which needs bit more than a cheerful demeanor and clean vehicle. Check out this book on how to become a tour guide: How to Become a Tour Guide: make money, do what you love, and travel the world–while only working a few hours a day.


Start a Channel on YouTube


There is a multitude of users on YouTube generating an exceptional income from advertisements on their videos. Some of these folks even earn well into the millions every year.


All you need to do is build a healthy following on YouTube and identify high search volume subjects, develop a unique spin on developing content for videos, and learn how you can engage well with your target audience. From that point, you will have the ability to begin to implement advertisements on the videos and if you want to take it one step further, start your very own website that provides you even more opportunities for monetization. Check out this book on how to start a YouTube channel: Youtube Channel: How to Start and Maintain a Successful YouTube Business (Make Money Online).



Kaboom Social Media is a service that helps small business owners create content and increase their online presence through digital marketing. Because we mainly work with small business owners and entrepreneurs, we keep our prices very affordable. Check out our social media packages and content creation rates here. When you decide that you’d like to move forward with us, please contact Kristen, who is the owner of Kaboom Social Media by phone at (281) 682-1272 or feel free to fill out our easy online form.





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